Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Fault in our Stars / Book Review

Rating: ★★★
Sometimes there are books that you totally love, books that get to you, and stay deep in your heart. Here I must be completely honest. I read and heard a lot of good things about this book, how lovely and touching it was, people who recommended it to me told me that i was going to cry, so of course I was ready with a packed of tissues and all my heart in depressing mood.
The book was good, but not that good. Did i cried? Not. At. All
Did i loved it? Not. So. Much.
Here's the why. While i was reading the book, since the beginning, i couldn't feel a connection with Hazel, the main character, she wasn't the kind of person I would totally love and care, and i felt terrible because well, she was dying.
The second major problem was Augustus, he probably was the favorite character of a lot of people, for me, he was just the same, the outgoing boy, with lots of possibilities, the charming and most loved, the atletic kind of guy who felt in love with the not so fantastic girl (twilight, mara dyer too much for my taste).
But what really got me to the point in which I decided this book wasn't going to be a favorite one was the fact that once more, prince charming came to the rescue and made Hazel's death wish come true, even when he put his own life in danger, making it more "tragic".
I get these were teenagers, and what's worst, they were sick teenagers, and I could understand how unfair the whole thing was, but what I felt more unfair was the fact that once more prince charming is the hero of the story. Once more I wonder what about the parents? The parents who gave up to everything to pay for the treatments, who stayed with them and cleaned them when they trow up or pee themselves.
I guess that's why I didn't felt the book so much, or felt conected to it. I've been sick. I've been on ER of course not for something so terrible as those kids, but in every single moment I was sick, my parents were there for me, taking care of me, making me feel better, why people never praise that in a book?, why is always the tragic prince charming who save the day?
Probably most people think is romantic, and in a poetic way it is, but still, the characters never get to me, and the story was in some parts totally annoying. I know, I know lots of people would think I'm crazy, but that's how I feel with the book, and believe me, I was ready to love this book, totally ready for it. I didn't see the movie after reading the book, since I found so awful Hazel's attitude sometimes, and would be terrible watching it on the big screen.
Still, you must read and make your own opinion on every book, so if you didn't read it already, go for it, probably you would like it, so I'm not totally recommended it, since it was recommended to me and didn't work out, so to be honest, I would say, I recommend the book if you really enjoy young adult romance, love stories with tragic endings, when the most important is to love and be loved, no matter the time.
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