Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Lost Boy / Book Review

Rating: ★★★
I’m starting to feel regrets about me reading these books so quickly, (almost one after the other) and now that I’m almost done with them, I tried to read them slowly, and read a book or two between them.
Anyway, the seven book in Patrik Hedström saga was…I’m still trying to decide how it was, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really liked it, it really was that good, but I was kind of disappointed for some reasons.
In this book, the new financies director is murdered, and his body found by his parents. Mats Sverin, who everybody liked him, but nobody know him really was shot to death in his appartment, and the mystery that surrounds the young man would keep Patrik intrigue, while he tries to buried his mind in work, leaving behind the tragic drama his family had.
The story involve a woman who was part of Matte's past, and now she returned to the area with her five year old son.
Anyway, like I mentioned before the book was really good, and once more, I highly recommended to those who enjoy a good psychological thriller.

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