Friday, September 5, 2014

The Way We Go book, why you should pre-order it?

Why should pre-order a book? Specially a book by an indie author from who you probably don't know a thing or never heard about her. Why you should spend your money ordering a signed copy from this person, or the ebook edition of her new novel? 
Well, if you didn't know this already, last year Miss Roxie Prince published her first book, Compendium: A horror novelette, and I was over the moon with it, like I said before, my only complaint was that I wanted to keep reading more and more stories from her. (check my review here). The way Miss Prince writes fascinated me from the beginning, when I started reading her livejournal post, or when I started to read the poems she shared on tumblr.
If I could say one thing about her is this, she's the kind of person that you want to keep as friend, the kind of person that cause you such an admiration because she's not only a survivor, but because she set a goal in her life and she's doing it, she's a WRITER, and I wrote it in capital letters because I have faith in this person as I never have faith in someone that I consider my friend even when we don't know each other in person. 
She's smart and funny, but the most important she's a storyteller. She decided to be an indie author because she doesn't measure success with being rich, or famous, she wants to share her stories with the world, and for that I'm grateful, because Miss Prince is so talented, and here's the main reason why you should support an indie author. You never know what treasures you can find on those self published books. What stories could come so close to your heart, and if you don't give them a chance, they would stay there, and would be lost for all of those who can find them interesting, and here let me quote Vida Winter, from The Thirteenth Tale, because her words went to my heart, just like Roxie's:
"Silence is not a natural environment for stories. They need words. Without them they grow pale, sicken and die. And then they haunt you"
And that's precisely what Miss Prince is doing, she's sharing the stories that live inside her head, and by supporting her, by supporting an indie author, you made possible that those stories go there on the world, be spread, and shared and loved by others.

Lindsay Picou is sixteen going on thirty. She's been forced to not only take care of herself, but to raise her little sister, too, because their mother, Gloria, is a part-time prostitute and a full-time wanderer. 

Then, Gloria meets Ben. He not only changes her life for the better, but Lindsay's, too. 
These changes come with a set of challenges Lindsay isn't equipped for; she has to learn to be a student, a friend, and a daughter. In short, she has to learn how to be herself in a completely new world, and she is forced to learn things about the people in her life that both hurt and free her.  
Just when she starts to feel like she's getting a handle on things, she meets Micah, Ben's best friend, and things get a lot more complicated.

The release date for this fantastic book would be on November 26th, but like the title says, you can pre-order already. Roxie is offering signed copies on her website, but also if you can't purchase a printed copy, you can pre-order the ebook version (I can't wait to get mine!)
And if you want to read in Roxie Prince words how she measure success, you can read more here, that way you can have a glimpse of the kind of amazing person she is.

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  1. I haven't read anything from an indie author in ages! But I find it beautiful how you saw her growth from poems and writings on blogs to finally self-publishing her own novel. I'm working on something similar as well. :)
    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog!

    1. Indie authors are great, hope to see your work pretty soon!, and thank you for the nomination :)

  2. I can't believe I missed this post. I am in tears over this. Thank you so much my beautiful friend. I have no words. <3

    1. wish I could do more, because you deserve so much more than this my dear friend :)


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