Friday, October 17, 2014

Buried Angels, book review

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Can’t I say that my heart is broken as an initial line? Well in that case I am, I’m totally heartbroken because I came to an end, no more books from Camilla, and I can tell you this, OMG! I want to read more and more about Patrik and even the-sometimes-silly Erika.
Buried Angels is the last book published –till now- about Patrik Hedström saga, and just like the others, I totally loved it.
For instance let me tell you that this time I had no idea how the story would turn out, since truly even when I guessed some part, I didn’t even get a clear idea what was the story behind, how things really happened, and believe me when I say that I was totally surprised.
The book seriously took me to a place in which I feel in some parts afraid because OMG what a crazy disturbed people! But I truly enjoyed this book.

Once more a total recommendation if you enjoy psychological thrillers, and you can get a copy here!
In case you prefer to watch the video review:

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