Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looking for Alaska, book review

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I guess I’m not under Mr. John Green spell, because once more, this book didn’t make the magic most people said it would. I read it, not expecting to like it or hate it, since I had a bad experience with The Fault in our Stars. At least two or three people said it was amazing, and by far their favorite of John Green. Well, I couldn’t find why it was so precious, in fact when the event in which is based the book happened I was glad and found myself smiling!!! Yes, shocking!
What I liked about the book is that was divided in Before and After the event, and what I thought it was unnecessary was the counting days, I mean 131 days before or 9 days after, I got lost on the account of days and most of the time I ignored them.
I enjoyed the last words quotes, I think it was a weird kind of likable detail of the main character, but I did not like the fact that it was a kind of annoying character.
And the prang? OMG, did the author really gave the title to the prang of the century to that? The stupidest idea ever, and seriously, Not.Funny.At.All!

I didn’t enjoy this reading, and I was glad when it came to and end. I wouldn’t recommend the book either, unless you truly enjoy John Green writing, in that case you can get it here.

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