Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Midnight Witch / Book Review

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To define Paula Brackston writing would be a little bit difficult, for instance, I wanted to read The Witch’s daughter for so long, and when I did it, I was kind of disappointed. And then I read the Winter Witch, and felt in love with the book, which gave me one of my favorite quotes of all times! 
“If you are not able to travel, the next best thing is to read. Read all you can girl, and store up that knowledge, for you never know when you will need it”.
When I saw on the email that Goodreads send about new releases that Paula Brackston had a new book, I wasn’t so sure what to expect. Still, the title, the cover got me, The Midnight Witch, and the protagonist name “Lilith Montgomery”, left me thinking "what a fascinating name!"
The truth is that when I finally get my hands on it, I was by far completely in distress. I started to read it and then came to point in which I was angry, really angry. The story, the characters were boring me to death, and the way it was written caused me so much stress, that I had to quit. Just like that, I left the book unfinished, and then came to me other books, and forgot about The Midnight Witch.
Still, I felt that I owned Paula another chance, so after 9 books, I decided to return to The Midnight Witch, and find out what happened with Lilith Montgomery.
Some parts of the story were darker enough for my taste, the fact that they were witches, necromancers, was really interesting, but then the characters were…I’m not sure how to put it, I couldn’t relate to any of them, feel empathy for any of them, it was like the characters didn’t were passionate enough to the point that it was bored to read about them.
The story would be good enough, but the combination of "sacrifice" which never existed since the protagonist did her will whenever she wanted, and the plain characters was just not catching at all.

I wouldn’t recommend the book, but like usual, people should make their own opinion, and probably there would be people who really like the story, so you can have a copy here.

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