Monday, November 10, 2014

In which I confess

I can’t believe we are already in November, where the year went? I mean, I feel like it’s been twirling like a tornado faster and faster, and one morning I just awake and boom! Almost Christmas!
I don’t know if it’s influence of the stars or the planets affecting my zodiac sign, but I must say that I’ve been restless all the year.
Take for example my reading habits, while I made a very realistic challenge at the start of the year, in which my goal was to read 29 books, I’m currently on my 46 book, and the year is not over yet, so I’m pretty sure the number is going to be a little different. I’ve been reading non-stop, I can’t recall I week in which at least I didn’t read a few pages, maybe I didn’t read all day or at the pace that I would love to, but I didn’t take a week free from reading.

And this is part of the reasons of my absence on the blog, I mean, I’ve been blogging, but only book reviews, or some recommendations, but nothing too personal or sharing pictures, in fact, I think I don’t use my camera since summer!
The second reason is that with all this crazy twirl, my bedroom has been a major focus for me. I show you how I rearrange it on April, and while I felt pretty happy with the result, it didn’t last long. The year is not over and I’m already working on some changes. Yes, as you read, I’m changing my room once more! I feel so tired at times, I feel like I’ve never going to be happy with my bedroom, this constant need for changing it is overwhelming, but at the same time I can’t stop it!

This time I’m doing something drastic too, probably it’s for the best, or for the worst, but I’m not going to be happy until I have the final product. In the meantime I thought about working in some post about it to share with you guys, maybe it could help as inspiration for others, I don’t know, but as part of me –because a bedroom is always an extension of you- I want to document it, take as many pictures as I can (I miss my camera) and just enjoy loosing myself on pinterest finding ideas and looking at projects that I could make at home without expending money that I don’t have. 

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