Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Tree

I'm pretty sure that I didn't tell you, or if I did, excuse me, but I must repeat the story since it's Christmas, and I'm beyond excitment. Two weeks ago, while I was chatting with one of my besties (James) she asked me if I was going to be at home the next morning (Sunday) so I said yes, and she asked if she could come, so of course I said yes.
Sunday morning arrived, and with it arrived James, but she didn't come alone, she asked my help to download a kind of different passanger, a Christmas Tree!!!!, she bought us a Christmas Tree!!!!
I'm not the grinch type, i love Christmas, I love to set the Christmas Tree in its special place at home, and I love to decorate it. This year tho the situation was a little bit tight, and mom and I decided not to buy a Christmas tree, which was fine by me, but apparently not for Santa James, who said she wouldn't let me a Christmas without a tree.
After my excitment and me almost crying in front of her, and crying when she went, she asked me on monday if I decorated the tree already and if I could send her a picture. She mentioned something when she was at home that she didn't put a Christmas Tree since she was eight yeart old, so even when I was dying to decorate it, I asked her if she would like to come and decorate it with me, and she said yes. So last Sunday she came, and we had lots of fun, and Kenji, he was happy!
Someone was ready for do some mischief

cleaning the ornaments 
These are the older ornaments we have, like 25 years old or something, but I love them!

And of course the honor to put the star must went to the person who made it possible, Miss Santa James!

And since I'm doing Vlogmas, here are Vlogmas 01 (in which I talk about the tree and another pretty present that my other bestie gave me)

And Vlogmas 02 in which we decorate the Tree!!!

Hope you have a super lovely week, can't believe this is the last week at work of the year, then winter holiday and a new year begin!!!!!!!

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