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If I Stay Duology & The Way We Go / Book Review

A whole week had passed and I didn't post anything book related, but fear not my dears, here I am with more reviews since I'm once more a little behind with my reviews. Today we have a popular duology and a "suport indie Authors" review!.

Rating ««««

Seventeen year old Mia has no memory of the accident, she can only recall what happened afterwards, watching her own damaged body being taken from the wreck. Little by little she struggles to put together the pieces, to figure out what she has lost, what she has left, and the very difficult choice she must make.

If you already see the movie, well you know what this book is about. I didn't see the movie, I wanted to read the book because it was recomended to me by some people. Indeed it was a sad story, and in some way it could be a little spooky since Mia was a witness of everything while her body was in an hospital bed. It's heartbreaking to read about her family and friends waiting, hoping for her to wake up, waiting of a decision that she must take.
I enjoyed this book so much, and I wasn't dissapointed at all with it. My only problem is that it didn't touch me in a more sentimental way, for some reason.

Rating «««««

 It's been three years since the devastating accident, and since Mia walked out of Adam's life. Now living on opposite coasts, when Adam gets stock in New York, chance brings the couple together again for one last night.

The second or companion book of If I stay. At beginning I had a little trouble with this book since it was from Adam's point of view and a lot of things had changed, still I kept reading, and I must say that I was glad for it. While If I Say failed on get to me in a more emotional way, Where She Went made me cry, like a lot!

Rating ««««

Lindsay Picou is sixteen going on thirty. She's been forced to not only take care of herself, but to raise her little sister too, because their mother Gloria is a part-time prostitute. Then Gloria meets Ben. He not only changes her life for the better but Lindsay's too. She meets Micah, Ben's best friend and things get a lot more complicated.

I had problems deciding to write this review, because I've been waiting for so long for this book, and I have a huge admiration for the Author. I didn't want to my review got mixed with my admiration for her, I wanted to give you an honest review, and at the same time I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Still, a good review must be that one in which the reviewer is crytical without being rude. So here are my thoughts about the book.
The story is a pretty story, the kind that for some reason bring you back the faith in human kind, this of course thanks to Ben, who accepted Gloria no matter her past, who accepted her daughters and loved them as his own. You can feel empaty and feel sorry for Lindsy and her little sister, for the hard life that they had to live next to Gloria. You understand Gloria's motives, and in some way feel bad for her, even take Gloria's side in some parts.
Even when my cynical mind was telling me "they are dreaming, Ben can't be real" or "Ben is going to sell them as sexual slaves", but then I let go of my terrible mind and I enjoyed more the story. I totally enjoyed how hard was for Lindsay to open to this new experience, to learn how to be a friend and start living her life as a teenager and not the adult in the family.
Here was my problem, the love story between Lindsay and Micah, Ben's best friend. While I understand that Lindsay (and this was carefully mentioned in the book) was in the legal age of consent, still, I couldn't help despise Micah because he was invited to stay at Ben's house, and not only that, he was paying rent or anything, he was living there for free, because he was finding himself, writing his book, whatever, but he found himself in Lindsay's way. 
He told her he loved her after talking probably for the second time with her. She was this poor girl, who never had a father figure, who suffered like a lot in her life, who didn't have friends, and suddenly she had everything and of course she's afraid of lossing everything, and this man came and told her that he loved her! I mean, of course she had feelings for him, of course she was impresed with his way of life, still to me He took advantage of the situation, of Lindsay's lack of love and of course he took advantage of her, because even when she was mature for her age, she was still a child, 17 isn't a woman, even when is legal age of consent, not after everything she went through. 
I honestly can say that I totally recommend this book, I really enjoyed the story, I adored Lindsay's sister, and specially Ben! So if you want a sweet story for the holidays, this is the book for you, and at the same time you are helping an Indie Author!

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