Monday, December 22, 2014

The one in which I Fail...

Every year, I set my resolutions, I start pretty early because I get so excited about it. I'm your resolution girl, the one who make pretty lists, the one who set her calendar and start planning all those things she wants to accomplish.
In reality, I would accomplish half of the subjects of the list, other time I can work on a little bit more of the half.
This year started with 101 things to do in 1001, and once more I failed on that. 1001 days is way too long for me, and feeling like if I don't accomplish something this year is ok since I have almost two more years to do it, so I felt like cheating. Not my kind of thing.
By half the year I made a revaluation of the goals, and set more realistic goals, little things that I could be able to accomplish, and between us, I think I did it pretty great, but I'm not talking about that today. Today is for failures, today is the day in which I fail in...

1. Learn to play the guitar: so I bought the guitar last year, it also came with a dvd with instructions but the dvd didn't work since it was a little bit scratched, anyway, I didn't even bother to look a tutorials on youtube. My guitar is still in its jacket.

2. Learn to drive and get my driver's license: well, since I don't own a car, I thought it would be useless to expend my money in driver classes since I'm not going to keep practicing, so the driver's license was pointless too.

3. Learn to read the tarot and runes: I got an amazing pack of tarot cards (the one that I owned before wasn't my favorite), they came with a practical book that explain the meaning of the cards. At least I read a little bit of the book, and I saw all the pretty pictures on the cards, still, failed on be more constant on it.

4. Make a playlist for every season and three for roadtrips: I went to two tiny trips during the year, the first one for fun, the second for work (in which I had a great time too), but forgot totally about making a playlist, instead I put my ipod on shuffle and let the music flow freely. I noticed too that my christmas list was played a lot of times during the year, no matter if it was christmas or not, so doing seasonal lists is not for me. If my heart wants some kind of music, it must have it!

5. Organize my PC and Laptop files: this is a marathonic task, I accomplish part of it, since I deleted lots of pictures, and organized them in files, same happened with movies and series, but the music archive is a complete fail, so I must work on that for next year.

6. Go to the top of a lighthouse: so, the honest true here, there's not a single lighthouse on town.

7. Go on a picnic: well I had intention to do it on the trip to the beach with my mom and Kenji, but then my father decided to join us, and invited us breakfast after it, so no picnic for me

8. Write a message in a public bathroom: well, public bathrooms are not my thing, I try to avoid them as much as my poor blander let me, so spend more time to take a sharpie with me to write a message on it, well, not a good idea at all.

9. Leave 5 messages in different places for others to find: last year I did it great I think, but this year I didn't find the motivation for do it.

10. Transcribe the letters from John Keats to Fanny in aged paper and put them on a treasure chest: well, it was a pretty idea at the beginning but then I didn't find the use for it.

11. Make a witch box, a treasure box and a travel box: here I must say that my things are in a complete mess, since i've been changing my bedroom, so probably i'm going to work on that pretty soon.

12. Make a wish charm like the one Veronica Varlow shared on her blog: I felt unsafe wearing a crystal little bottle around my neck, specially when I'm traveling on the bus.

13. Make a "Circle of Seven" in a corner of my bedroom: well, to be honest, I started this little project, I printed pictures of those writers that I admire the most, but then I wasn't so sure if I wanted to be a writer, so I changed it for two amazing bloggers and two amazing adventure traveler girls, once more, I wasn't so sure if that was what I want, I mean, I love blogging and I would love to be half successful like those girls, I would love to travel around the world, still I have other priorities, and one of my biggest dreams is have my own business, so...maybe I must take the time and visualize what I really want.

14. Do an altered book for myself: I must work on my patience and be more crafty, I feel like I have plenty of material wasting in a corner of my room because I'm not using it.

15. Write a message and sealed in a bottle: while I thought it would be a pretty idea, and even when I leave a couple of minutes from the beach, I'm not sure that the bottle would travel a lot by throw it on the beach :/

16. 30 days vlog challenge: I've been enjoying making videos and uploading them on youtube, but I couldn't find a 30 vlog challenge that really loved to do it, so maybe next year?

17. 365 challenges: I started doing great with the instagram challenges, from october to june, but then I got bored and decided to take a break, thinking that maybe back on september I would return, but that didn't happen, I realize that while I enjoyed to have a word to work on a picture, I felt totally stressed and uninspired by the words.
About the 365 selfportraits, the same happened, at least I took 195 pictures, and I'm pretty happy with some of them.

18. 52 pictures of my mom: I only took like 12 pictures, most of the time I forgot about it, and taking pictures of her while she was sleeping (since she refused to let me take pictures of her when she wasn't "pretty" as she said) was quite boring.

19. Make a photobook for me and my mom: I discovered like a lot of you a fantastic website that print pretty books with recycle material, while I loved the idea (still I do), I didn't save enough money to do it, maybe next year.

20. Networking more and take my blog to the next level: I'm not sure what I had in mind when I wrote this one, I'm not sure what is the next level for my blog, but certainly I tried to participate more on the blogging and booktube community, so I'm not sure about this one or if it was a total failure.

21. Document your life: I loved this project at the beginning, and honestly even when I made pretty awful videos, I'm happy with them since are full of great memories, but at the same time, it was quite boring when my daily life was monotonous, and I didn't do anything exciting during some days, then I get frustrated while accidentally deleted some footage for space on my ipod.

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  1. Really interesting to read through these! I've just been assessing my New Years resolutions, always fun to look back. I hope you have a wonderful 2015! XX

    1. thanks girl! 2015 is going to be awesome!


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