Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This year I accomplish...

Hello my lovelies, hope you are having an amazing christmas eve, I'm waiting for mommy dearest to wake up and celebrate a little bit (she's tired of so much cooking), in the meantime here's how my year went with my resolutions: 
1.    Attend to a festival, opera, play or ballet: my mom and I went to see a musical play, it was amazing!

2.    Decorate my bedroom in a way that I really love it: even when it didn't last, I really liked it

3.  Learn 10 new recipes and add them to a recipe notebook including cupcakes, macaroons and ice cream (10/10): I made crazy combinations of vegetables this year, my favorite must be the onion french soup

4.  Organize my external driver and delete those things that I have duplicate: done! still need to work on my pc files

5.  Do a podcast or a diy video: this one was hard work, but I did it, I made a kind of DIY video while I build my bookshelf from scratch 

7.  See a stars shower or a super moon

8.  Build a blanket fort: not a blanket fort, but I camped on my living room :)

9.  Answer the 50 questions that will free my mind (50/50)and the 5000 questions survey (2100/5000)

10.  Get rid of all the clothes that I don’t use anymore

12.  Give myself a cool present for my birthday during 101/1001 (3/3): originally my resolutions were for 1001 days, still, I gave myself awesome presents in this year, so...

13.  Make a pretty journal for myself and write on it at least one per week 
(Found a pretty notebook and I've been writing at least three times per week)

14.  Make the reading challenge (29/29): I read 52 books you guys, 52!!!!

19.  Go to an abandoned building and take pictures: well technically i couldn't go inside the building, still, I got a few pictures of it :)

20.  Make a stop motion film: I used the party party app, and I've been having so much fun with it

21. buy a toy camera and fill two films 2/2): still need to develop on film but I filled them 

22.  Buy the special edition of Harry Potter books: not sure what happened with the picture that I took of this one, but last week, on friday, I bought them!!!! Oh so Happy for it

23.  Buy Little Treasures made by hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk (Or another photobook)

26.  Revamp my blog, and change the about page and a few pages (work in progress, but getting there)

27.  Have 100 followers on bloglovin: Can't believe I have 125 followers, thank you so much guys!!!!!

32.  Make the Christmas challenge (24/24)

33.  Find quotes that I like and add them to my quote journal including criminal minds ones

35.  Ask the universe what I really want and don’t be afraid to make my dreams come true (write what I really want, and then burn a copy while I keep the other in a sealed envelope to be open after this challenge is done).

37. Start new traditions on Christmas: (I'm waiting for my mom to wake up so we can watch our christmas movie!!!!)

38. Make new traditions for my birthday.

39.  Go out a little more and find treasures provided by nature

40. Collect as many books as I can, specially those that I trully love from my wishlist in the bookdepository (4/199)

41. Build a bookshelf for all the books that I buy!

42. Build a little bookshelf for my cameras

43.  Photograph as much as I can of this list

And done! not bad for a crazy year, isn't it? Can't wait for 2015, new challenges, new projects and lots of adventures.
I love you guys, and I wish you all the best, be safe and have a lovely time!!!

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