Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bed nook

The moment I decided to get rid of my previous bed, I knew that I would take advantage of the space under my loft. My bed took almost half the space of my bedroom, and the space under the loft was just a waste of space, even when I tried my best to make it look pretty.

Last step on my stair, used for lost of storage, I decided to give it another use as part of my bed!
I've been obsessed with gypsy caravans since I was a little kid, and of course, before starting my new project, I knew that the only place where I would find inspiration was of course pinterest. For days I just simply saw images and more images, finally I realized what I want, and what would be more practical for the space I had and of course I had to take in consideration what I would be able to do.

The loft was made by a friend of mine, but this time money was a big issue, so I checked all the material I had at home, and the investment that I had to made was minimal if I build the bed myself. And that's what I did.
This is proof that everyone can do it, if they use a little bit of creativity and hard work. The main problem was that I had to build the bed just inside the space that I had in mind, since the inside of the loft was bigger than the front, thanks to those big chubby supporting legs.
I don't have a lot of handy tools at home, so instead I used what I had near me, for example my chest of drawers for support while I cut the wood, or a coffe table while I was placing the shelves to the base of the bed for support.

At the end, this is the result!!! And let me tell you, I'm very pleased with it, since is the first time I made a Bed myself!

 I bought hard foam, as a mattress and add a blanket to make it more comfortable, which for me is perfect, I noticed that my back rest better in hard mattresses than soft ones, so this is the glory for my poor back.
 I have three shelves, two of them with lots of things in plastic boxes, the other one empty, since my sweet cat Manta loves to sleep there, it's like her private nook!
 I add two more shelves, one for decoration, the other one to put my dvd and headphones

 And place my tv on the stairs' wall, under I made a hole, so I can use that space too and sleep like normal people, not only in a curly position, I'm not that tall, so large of the bed is exactly for my heigh, and as you may see, the hole can be disguise and used for storage, for the pillows and sheet

 I had to close this step, because the cats are evil little brats and the first time when i was testing the bed, the started going inside through the front and then play with my feet, I didn't want to take my chances at night!

Hope you enjoy this first part of my new bedroom, until the next post!


  1. It turned out so beautiful!! Since I was littleI I loved the gypsy style bed; I always wanted a bed inside the wall. :)
    I have to say congrats to you because it looks amazing!

    1. Thank you so much Adi, you should go for it! gypsy stile beds are so great!


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