Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bedroom East Wall

If someone asked me, what would you take from your bedroom if you have to go in a hurry, my answer would be The East Wall!, and the reason is simply, here you can find most of my treasures, so let me give you a tour of them!

 This is one of the problematic walls, since it's the wall with the space for the closet, but it's not a closet anymore, or at least not for me. This wall storage my two bookshelfs, and my mini bookshelf that I made for my camera, and inside the closet is my vanity.

 When I bought the vinyl edition of The Honey Trees LP, I was the person numer 8 on bought them, so of course it came signed and numbered, and has a special place in my bookshelf
 The Box from the Harry Potter Set was way too pretty to not show it, so of course it's part of my display now.

 Mirror Mask is one of my favorite movies, so it must be in this wall, same as Peter Pan that I made and the Snow White that I draw.
 Some of my cameras, the top one is a saving box, the one on the right of my Minolta, is a cardboard camera that I must finish, is a pinhole camera actually based on the Videre model, from Kickstarter campaing.
 This beauty is pretty cool, you can play vinyls, cd, it has usb entrance and you can connect you ipod too, also it has tape player on the right side.

 Bright star poem from John Keats is behind the dried rose, I love that movie and of course I love the poem so much.

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