Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions for 2015!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! OMG 2015 is here, and I couldn't be more excited for it! New year, new goals and lots of opportunities and adventures to come! 
I ended the year with a huge cleaning that started like two months before and finally, I'm super proud to say that my bedroom is ready!! I'm going to share the pictures with you (i'm currently editing them), but before, let's get start with the resolutions for 2015, of course I'm going to update my pages bar and add the new resolutions to keep track on them, so to the business.
First I must said that I did for the first time more bookish resolutions, and probably I'm going to add a couple more. I still don't know how to grow my audience on my different social media and here, but certainly this is going to be a priority for 2015, not only a goal, so that's why it's not listed, so to the point:

1. I'm going to do the Reading Challenge from Goodreads once more and this time I'm intending to read 36 books! (0/36)

2. Re-read the books that I bought on physical form 

3. TBR Challenge which include:
- A classic that I didn't read before
- An indie author
- Two books that I got for free on Amazon Kindle
- Finish the series that I've been postponing
- Read a Saga
- Two books from the same author
- A book that I'm scary to read
- A Non-fiction book or a books based on a real person
- A Book I've been wanting to read but others came first
- A Duology
- A book that I only heard positive comments
- A book I discovered through Goodreads recommendations

4. Read at least two books of the month on the Goodreads groups I joined

5. Retake my original plan of my bookshelf project and only buy books that I love

6. Quote jar/Memory Jar: I'm going to write my favorite quotes from the books that I read through the year and put them on a jar and also I'm going to write something that happened through the week that made me happy and I want to remember

7. Review every book that I read and do it immediately: I don't want to post massive reviews like I did at the end of the year, so I must post at least one review per week or finish-a-book-post-the-review kind of way, and do the video review in case you prefer to watch the video instead of read it. Also I want to be more critical with my reviews, I mean, I don't want to spoil the books or anything so probably I'm going to do a spoilers free review, and also a book talk which would have spoiler from time to time. I feel like I don't say much in my reviews and I need to work on that aspect

8. I'm doing the project Letter to 2015 which is a series of videos to the year with little videos that I record through the week, instead of Document your life.

9. I'm going to be more social here and on the booktube community and leave more comments, not only likes on blogloving and youtube

10. Do more videos on youtube, and post every week here, at least thrice per week, i need to be more constant here.

11. 365 challenges: yes, again! I'm going to do the Self Portrait in a creative way, and I'm starting the simple moments too.

12. 52 photos of my mom every week

13. Analog 52 weeks using my Holga

14. 12 Letters Project:  I was so inspired by Gerry from P.S. I love you that during december I sent letters to four of my best friends (my mom included) telling them that during 2015 they're going to receive a letter from me each month, so I'm excited for this project, also I'm writing letters to myself which I'm going to open every month, to keep on track of my resolutions

15. An act of kindness every month: I'm still not so sure how I'm going to do this but I still have time to think about it, the important thing is that it doesn't have to be a big thing, something simple, something small, it doesn't matter, just be kind to others and maybe made them smile.

Last but not least, I'm going to keep journaling every week like I did last year, and also I discovered an amazing idea, write a line every day, so I found an old planner which I'm going to use, also I'm writing there a thing I'm grateful for again. I didn't add these as resolutions because I feel like they are priorities too.

Video version:
And the video from where I came with the idea of write a line daily:

Also a tiny pic on my new bedroom!!!

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  1. Good luck with your reading challenge, do you have any recommendations?

    1. Thank you! currently I'm reading the Cahill sisters trilogy, so far so good, but depending on what genre you prefer, if you like psichological trillers I would recomend the Camilla Lackberg saga, or if you prefer historical fiction Burial Rites, they are amazing!


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