Monday, January 12, 2015

Sepulchre / Book Review

My first review of the year! I'm so excited since I decided to start with one of my favorite books of all time, Sepulchre, by Kate Mosse. I finished the book last week, but I had some technical problems, so wait for another review this week, because I'm currently on my fourth book of the year!

Sepulchre take place in France in two different lapses of time. 1891, Leonie Vernier, a seventeen year old Parisian girl, very found of herself, curious and adventurous. She lives with her mother, Margarite Vernier, a widow of an expatriate; and her brother Anatole, who has been suffering the lost of his beloved one.
Leonie, who is very inquisitive, suspects that there's something behind Anatole's behavior apart from the grieving, something that she's missing, but whatever it is, she loves her brother and would do whatever she could to help him.
One day she receive an invitation from a distant aunt, Isolde Lascombe, widow of Julian Lascombe, half brother of Margarite, something that took Leonie by surprise since she didn't know that her mother keep correspondence with Isolde. She was about to reject the invitation, but the insisting comments from her brother, made her accept, without knowing that her life is about to change.
2007, Margarite Martin, 27 year old american woman, is traveling for the first time to England and France, in search for all the information she could find about the composer Claude Debussy, from whom she's writing a biography. But not all her thoughts are about Debussy and his whereabouts, Meredith is searching something more, she's searching for answers about her past, about her family and where she came from.
The only things she has are three old photographs and a sheet of music with one word and one year, Sepulchre, 1891.
A girl on the street, a pamphlet and a tarot reading would shake Meredith's world.

This book caught me since the beginning, I found myself that i couldn't put it away, and every time the book switched from one period of time to the other, I couldn't help but want to keep reading about Leonie of Meredith, both stories interested me a lot.

The use of mysticism, old legends, the tarot deck, made of this book an excellent read.
Highly recommended to you guys, if you want to know a little bit more about my story with this book, and see the tarot cards that took place in the story, please check my video.

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