Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Act of Kindness

One of my resolutions for 2015 is what I call An Act of Kindness each month. When I wrote my resolutions, I wasn't sure how I was going to manage this goal, but I knew that I wanted to do simple things that could make someone happy, bring a smile in their face, something that maybe wouldn't be a big thing, or take lots of effort but at the same time that could mean something.

Two weeks ago, I was able to make my first Act of Kindness, even when it was a very sad one.
I was walking home from work, and I saw this skinny dog, stray dog jumping, trying to read the top of the garbage container at the entrance of the section of houses where I live, of course animals for me are a sensitive subject because I love them, my two cats are rescue, one from an abandoned building the other from the garbage.
When I saw the effort of this little guy, I was almost in tears, so I decided that I had to bring food to him. Usually the little store between this entrance and my house is closed by the time I get home, but that day, lucky me, it was open. I thought, well, maybe I can buy him some bread or something, fortunately when I came inside the store, the had dried dog food, and the bag wasn't that expensive either, just exactly what I had in pocked money, so I bought the bag.
I went back to the entrance and didn't see the dog, but I heard a little boy telling his mom that a dog was inside the garbage container, the dog when heard people coming jumped afraid, he even drop the plastic bag that he was licking and almost run until I call him.
He didn't came to me because he was afraid, and that broke my heart, but I keep calling, telling him nice things and he get closer, not enough to be touched, but at least enough to see what I was doing. I put all the bag open for him to see and smell, and then walked away to give him space to get closer and eat. When I turned to see, he was eating and turned to see me as if he was thanking me for the food.

I'm not going to lie, when I arrived home, I cried like a lot, because this little boy was so unlucky, but at the same time, I was happy that my sweet Kenji is healthy and even when he's totally spoiled, he has a home and is loved, same as my cats Manta and Berlioz.

Maybe one day I'm going to be able to help all those poor dogs and cats who don't have a home, but at least just for that day, I made that sweet guy happy.

This is a picture of my sweet Kenji sleeping in the sofa next to my bed, wearing one of his favorite t-shirts, this is how all the doggies in the world should be, warm and sleeping without concerns because they are loved! 

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  1. You did such an amazing thing, and it was destined to happen. :) My heart breaks everytime I see stray animals; I just want to take them home and bathe them, feed them, and give them so much love, the love that they all deserve! I can't even explain how just hearing about your act of kindness has made my day. :)

    1. thanks Adi, I really wish I could help all of them, maybe one day :)

  2. Lovely that you're planning to do an act of kindness every day - very noble. Did you go back to the stray at all? xx


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