Friday, March 13, 2015

Freedoms Song Wolf Rescue...Can YOU Help?

There are so many sad things in this world, people starving, people suffering, people, people, people! But while there are lots of organizations which their main focus is to help people, the number of organizations to help Animals is small in comparition.
I'm writing this not to preach, because certainly I'm not a role model, or an example of ethical way concerning to animals. I love my dog and cats dearly, I treat them as part of my family, and yes, they are totaly brats, they behaive like little kids, and demand the attention they want all the time. But my love for them is not enough. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan. I eat meat, not much, but I do, I eat chicken and other products. I tried to be more concious about it, but I've been failing over and over.
But my diet is not on trial here. What I want to share with you is another situation, a situation that is absolutely sad, and is the way some People think its their right to treat others, specially Animals.
Examples are so many that every single time I saw an image on instagram or by other social medias, I want to throw up, I want to scream, because I can't believe that us-humans. are capable of such horrible things.
But just like there are awful people, there are others who have the biggest hearts, and an inconditional love. People like Terry and Karen Lilly, which project to help, rescue and create a Sanctuary for Wolfs and wolfdogs who have been suffering abusse.

If is in your heart, please take a look to this campaing, if is in your possibilities contribute to it, or spread the word!

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