Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Good morning lovelies! It's a shinny extremely hot Sunday, my plans for the day? stay at home, relax, watch a movie or two, the 2hrs marathon of Candy Candy and wait till 8pm for dear GOT!!!
Anyway, yesterday was an interesting day, I went to the theater to another musical, same local artists company as last year, and I had a great time! I had in mind to vlog all day, but some way I forgot about it, and I even forgot my camera, this freaking heat makes my brain a boiled potato!, anyway, these three silly pictures where the only ones I took, I have some tiny videos, maybe I'm going to use them for a DYL video or something. Anyway here's also some links that made my week! specially watch the video if you want a sweet great laugh!

sweet momma!

lonely lady with pretty window

and the silliest :)

* In case you need it, 18 recipes to help you eat your greens from the amazing girls of ABM
Reasons to read a book, I know you don't need this but I loved every single reason, so I have to share
* And 20 unconventional compliments to brighten anyone's day, because it's always important to share you love for others and make them feel special, you don't know if a person is needing this more than ever, so do it anyway!

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