Thursday, January 28, 2016

On Rating Books

Probably you may notice that in the sidebar I have a rating scale, which is what I use for every single book that I read. I decided to create my own rating since the Goodreads was too kind for my taste and the Amazon a little bit harsh using the one star as I Hate it, which caused me conflicts. You see, when I hate a book, I simply stop reading it, while would I waste my time with a book that I'm totally hate when I could be reading something so much better. Life is too short to waste it in ugly books.
So in case you are curious about how I rate my books, here's a little explanation of it.

I made a podcast about it, but all the points are listed below

« I don’t like it // this is a book that for some reason I kept reading, even when at the end I totally regret it. Probably something caught my attention about the story, or is a sequel, but still, I wouldn’t recommend it
«« Not my cup of tea // A book that maybe is not that bad, maybe has one or two elements that could have worked in its favor, but at the end the book didn’t work for me.
««« It was ok // a book that wasn’t bad, the idea was probably good, but that’s it, it didn’t cause an effect on me.
«««« I really liked it // a book that caught me since the moment I started to read it, a book that I would recommend to my friends and probably I wouldn’t mind to re-read.
««««« Loved it // a book that caused a great effect on me, that made me feel a big attachment to the characters, that I’m going to keep talking about it for years to come by.
That said, there’s something more that I want to share. While looking at all those rating videos, I noticed that most of the people mentioned that they take in consideration lots of elements while rating a book, but those elements were never mentioned.

Also I took in consideration for rating a book five elements which are the most important for me:

1.      The Story or Storytelling // it could be a story that I never read before, a subject that is new to me, and of course it caught my attention. Or it could be the same story that we’ve been reading over and over again, but the author imprint on it his or her personal style, making the story unique.
2.      The Setting and Descriptions // a foreign place, a forest a particular city, something that make interesting the place where the events are developing. And here the description is really important because they help you to create a mental picture of the place, but when is too much, I mean when there’s an excess in details, it could be boring.
3.      Characters // and here I’m not talking only of the main characters, but all of them in general. Sometimes you totally dislike the main characters, but them there’s one simple character, a secondary character who made the book more enjoyable, so is not always the main character that would make me appreciate a book.
4.      The Twist on the Story // sometimes the stories can be quite predictable, and become boring, but there are moments when the Author, oh blessed Author, gave the story such a twist that make it so good, if not perfect. Probably you guessed right who the bad guy was, but thanks to the twist, it wasn’t as you were thinking.
5.      The Emotional part // how a book made me feel, and here I’m talking about positive feelings, not the kind that make you want to reap the book in pieces, but the ones that made you love the book, that made you feel empathy, that made you cry, and that left you wishing for more. 

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