Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Love, Rosie / Review

Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern

Rosie and Alex had been friends all their life, they went to the same school, sat next to each other, but then Alex must move to Boston leaving behind his beloved Rosie, who even  when she applied to Boston College, would have a change of life when she discovers she’s pregnant.
She quit her dreams, focus all her attention on little Katie, who would be the reason of her existence.
Meanwhile, Alex is accepted in Harvard and is on his way to become a doctor. Still, even when life had been pulling them away, Rosie and Alex would remain friends, no matter the fights or their relationships. What’s even more, they are meant to each other, and life has other surprises for them.

My thoughts
When I saw the movie (yes, I saw the movie before reading the book), I totally felt in love with Alex. OMG, Alex! So of course the book was a must read immediately.
But book and movie were different and never ever felt more related with a character until I read about Rosie Dunne. Setting aside the love part, Rosie and Alex could have been my best friend and me. Not the same story of course, but the quirks and familiarity of the relationship. And if you have a best friend of the opposite sex, I’m sure you would relate too.
This book would bring back your childhood, teenage and college years. It would bring back those forgotten dreams because life happens.
The romance on the story was something that kind of frustrated me, maybe it was because once I started reading the book, I keep imagining Alex as my BFF and waiting for him to announce that he was gay. I felt like a relationship between men and women always has to end in romance instead of true friendship.
But setting apart that, I loved that Rosie finally let herself to had her dream com true, that she worked hard to accomplish it.

So of course this part absolutely inspired me. It’s never too late to work for what you want.

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