Sunday, May 3, 2015

Loving This Week

Hello Guys!
Hope you had an amazing week and weekend, Sunday here and tomorrow is back to work, but the good news is that on Tuesday I have a free day and I'm planning to work on some videos for the channel and of course here! 
This week my reading habits was a little limited, I don't know why, but even on my way home which is one of the moments that I use for reading, I didn't feel in the mood, and just enjoy the ride and view most of the week. On Friday, since it was free day for us, HBO put a marathon of Penny Dreadful, and of course I finally watched it, can't wait for the second season!!!

Here are some links of posts I loved this week:

Those posts were close to my heart, people forget most of the time that other beings are suffering in this world and adopt is so important. My cats are not from shelters, I found Manta on the garbage outside my house, and Belioz was starving on the roof of an abandoned building, so if you have the space, the time and specially the love, consider adoption as a choice

Also from Free People: Where's All The Time Go? just a reflection about our life and time
Imogene + Willie shared Worn Wear, a very inspirational team who repair clothes and teach people to do them themselves, so beautiful and inspirational, watch the video, highly suggested!

And my final favorite, Sanne from Books and Quills made this amazing vlog sharing her time visiting Far From The Madding Crowd locations

Happy Sunday Lovelies!!!!! GOT day!!!!

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