Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Time of your Life / Review

The Time Of Your Life by Cecilia Ahern
Lucy has been navigating through her life as a non-present figure. She lives in a small apartment, has a car that most of the time fails, hates her job, her family irritates her, and her friends seriously annoys her.
Then Lucy starts receiving strange letters to make an appointment with her Life. Finally she decides to go and see what Life wants from her, but she would be surprised to see that her Life is a sloppy but determined man, who is going to follow her everywhere, putting in evidence all her mistakes, all the lies that she told, revealing them to her friends, family, co-workers, employee.
Lucy has now one choice. Accept all those mistakes, and take responsibility for her acts, or let Life reveals everything to those who are close to her.

My Thoughts
I must admit that at the beginning of the book I was a little skeptical; I mean an appointment with your Life? I thought it was ridiculous, but the more I read the book, the more I understood and I felt a connection with it.
Lucy was heartbroken, and during the months that followed, she forgot about herself, she forgot about what was actually living, how it was to enjoy a moment, no matter how simple the moment was. When she met her “Life”, she noticed his bad breath, his out of date clothes, his bad presentation. She notices the bad on him but not on her.

I don’t want to give anything away, so I would only say that this book was a beautiful lesson, a reminder, a “stop, look around you, and see, actually see how all your decision would affect you” and specially that it’s up to you to take the control and actually do something for get better and change. 

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