Thursday, June 18, 2015

Listening Non Stop: 2ne1

I think it was CL (the one on the top) who said that music was universal, and that you don't need to understand the lyric to be able to feel it, and couldn't agree more. I don't know korean, or Japanese (because they also sing in japanese), but I love 2ne1 songs so so so much. 
I think I discovered back in 2009 and felt in love with them, it was like the spice girls korean version, and I think since the spice girls, I didn't learn a choreaography like I did with 2ne1. They are amazing, they have great style and their music is just what I need in a bad day to make me happy, honestly, their music always bring a smile to my face and my mood get instantly high when I'm listening to them, so here's some of my favorite songs, so please check them out!

The fist song is my favorite even when is a slow one but still so so pretty!

This was the first song that I hear from them!!!

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