Monday, July 6, 2015

The Monday Post / 01

Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend, mine was pretty great! On Friday I had lunch with some co-workers to celebrate our boss's birthday, and on Saturday I went shopping with mommy dearest and my bestie James!
As you may notice, The Monday Post/Vlog is going to be a new feature here on the blog, I'm going to try to document my week in a better way, the vlogs probably are not going to be long, but I'm tying to find different ways to keep documenting, keep motivated and take more pictures! so here are some snaps from Saturday, of course took them with my iphone, but I'm going to make the purpose to bring my camera (at least one of my point and shoot) with me everywhere like I used to.

Once more I was fascinated with the magic store, I mean, there are Unicorns! and horsies, and fairie and mermaids and Santa Claus is even there, so what more magical than that, and there are four floors of beautiful things, and let me tell you this, they bring new things from time to time, so amazing! 
Also my vlog is only some footage that I film, nothing fancy, and I included my bestie's celebration in which I only saved the part when she was opening her presents, yes, silly me, but at least it was a start, so there's only one way for me, to get better at it!, hope you enjoy it!

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