Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Blue so Dark / Book Review

A Blue so Dark by Holly Schindler
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Aura Ambrose, at her fifteen years, has been hiding a big secret, her mother Grace, who is a talented artist, an art teacher, but also a schizophrenic patient. Aura has been taking care of her since her father left them and started a second family.
Convinced that “creative” equals crazy, Aura does her best to avoid her own artistic talent, and soon would discover that art, love, and family will help you to escape from her fears.
My thoughts
I don’t even know where to start with this book. It was really upsetting.
The book probably portrays a clear image of the ups and downs of a patient with mental illness, but that’s not the upsetting part. What really bothered me of the book was Aura, the main character; I never disliked a character so much like I did with her.
I get the fact that she was young and maybe that’s the way some people talk, but referring to others the way Aura did? I mean, saying things like her neighbor was so fat that probably transpired bacon grease? Or call people gypsy trash? It was just wrong! She made lots of awful comments about others.
But like I said, I can understand her bitchy talk, but never ever could feel empathy for such a stupid character. She was 15 yo, I got that, but when a person you love, -and here we are talking about your parents, your mom!- get sick, you do your best to help them, maybe giving them a glass of water or bringing the pills and making sure they take them, kids know right from wrong, so I can’t understand how a 15yo person throw away all the pills when her mother asked her no more pills, because she was afraid to lose her love! I mean, honestly?
I couldn’t feel sorry for Aura at all, she was useless and I’m glad for everything she had to suffer, because thanks to her stupidity her mother almost dies.

I gave the book two stars, one because the portray of mental illness was interesting, the second because I really liked Grace and Nell characters, but I wouldn’t recommend this book, it really frustrated me, so definitely Not My Cup of Tea!.

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