Monday, November 2, 2015

Crimson Peak / Movie Review

Hello there!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend and great Halloween. Today in Mexico we celebrate "Dia de los muertos " (dead's day) BUT unfortunately I had to work, I'm not sure why but oh well, what can I do?
Anyway, last saturday my mom and I had a really nice day, but I would talk about that in other time, what I'm talking today is Crimson Peak, which my mom and I finally saw on Saturday and OMG! it took our breath away.

The movie is directed by Guillermo Del Toro who also was part of the screenplayer writers, and if you know Guillermo's work, you must know that it was a visual delite and a kind of creepy story.

Tom Hiddleston looks so handsome and the same goes to Charlie Hunnam, no complains about Mia Wasikowska performance, but I must said that Jessica Chastain was the star on this one, OMG, she was perfect in her character and so freaking creepy. And of course it was so nice to see Jim Beaver (Bobby from supernatural)!

Crimson Peak tells the story of Edith, a young woman who was more interested in write stories than find the perfect match to get marry. Her father is rich so of course she's kind of spoiled. One day she met Sir Thomas, a british aristocrat who went to America for new oportunities in company of his sister Lucille. Of course Edith would fall in love with Thomas, but something is quite not right, and Edith would discover what it is maybe too late.

If you enjoy this kind of story, Crimson Peak is for you, honestly I highly recommend it, if not for the story, just for have a visual delight!
 Hope you have a wonderful week!

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