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October Spooky Reads / Reviews

This year wasn't the exception, as October aproach, I made a selection of spooky books that I wanted to read, so of course by October I was ready and reading.
Some books look good and turned out a complete disappointment while others were pretty good, so let's go down to business starting with the one that I didn't like to my favorites of the month:

The Ice Twins by S. K. Tremayne
The Moorcraft family had suffered a lost, a terrible lost, when one of the twin girls died in an accident. Now Angus and his wife Sarah are at the edge of bankruptcy and their survivor twin is acting in a bizarre way. They decided to start fresh and move to a Scottish island that Angus inherited from his grandmother. An isolated place which is even more affected by winter, which would left Sarah trapped with her daughter, who claims that they mistaken her identity and that her twin is still there with them.

The moment I started the book I felt bored with the narrative, still I forced myself, I even read a couple of reviews on Goodreads just to keep going. The truth is that the book was predictable, and absolutely bored. The couple was a kind of imitation of Gone Girl disturbed couple, and they were also so pretentious, always talking about the beautiful and perfect daughters they had, the ridiculous names they gave them and the even more ridiculous nicknames, were so irritating. But what was even worst was the fact that there wasn’t anything spooky or creepy about the story, not even suspense.

The House of Dead Maids by Clare B. Dunkle
Tabby has worked all her life, she can’t remember her mother, let alone who her father was, she went from beggar to maid when a kind soul took pity of her, and finally she ended in a house where she was learning to knit socks. That’s when her life changed dramatically when one night a woman came to take her from there. Money is exchanged for her, and a warning from another girl made Tabby feel unsure of her destiny.
A travel that would take day would lead her to Seldom House, an odd house that hides more in its ground than the people who live there.

Tabby would be in charge of a young boy who was orphan as Tabby and who’s destiny would be completely different than the girl. Haunted by the spirit of the old maid, soon Tabby would discover the horrible secrets of Seldom House.
This book was absolutely well done, it was creepy enough and what’s even more the illustrations at the beginning of every chapter were disturbing. A quick reading and with an ending that would bring a smile besides everything.

When my Heart was Wicked by Tricia Stirling
Lacy had a difficult childhood, thanks to her even more difficult mother. Days without food, without knowing if she was going to be ok, days of abandonment ended up with Lacy moving with her father and her stepmother.
Lacy was a dark kid who learned that good things can happen too, so she decided to change, to use her gifts for good, she decided to be good and have friends, and accept that she could love her stepmother and her mother in different ways.
Until tragedy came once more, and Lacy lose her father. Her stepmother is doing all she can to keep Lacy with her, but she doesn’t have any right, so  Lacy’s mother claims her and took her away.
Apparently she changed, apparently she has a new job, and things are going to be different this time, or maybe not?

I must confess that I wanted to read this book for a while just for the cover,  it has a beautiful cover and I saw it as a recommendation on Goodreads, and let me tell you something,  this book takes mommy dearest to the next level!
I was a little mislead because I thought the book was more about witches and had more magical twists. Still the story was good, and the characters made you like them or hate them. You feel sorry for them and at the same time you want to stand up and do something to help Lacy. And the magical twist of the story, OMG it was good, really good!

The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
So let’s raise our glasses to the accident season
To the river beneath us, where we sink our souls
To the bruises and the secrets, to the ghosts in the ceiling
One more drink for the watery road
Every October marks the Accident season in Cara’s life. Her and her family are victims of little accidents when things go well, in other times, the season bring tragedy, like the year when Cara’s father died.
The town people don’t believe on it, but accept it without asking, still, Cara’s mother take as many precautions as she can to keep safe Cara and her siblings.
A lonely girl that nobody remembers, haunting Cara’s pictures, the secrets that surround the family, and a tarot read that announces that this season would be a tragic one, would shatter Cara’s world in a very unexpected way.

This book was OMG, I can’t find the right words to described it. I enjoyed it so much, I really liked the details, the setting, the way things develop and the secrets that are revealed. There were things that were a little predictable but the ending was good, really good.

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich
Three deaths, twenty injured and one person missing was the result of the fire on  Elmbridge High School, twenty five years ago. For years, the mystery involving the disappearing of Carly and what really happened before the fire created lot of speculation, until a diary was found on the school ruins. The diary of Kaitlyn Johnson, Carly’s twin, which tells a series of disturbing events that would lead to the incident, but the records show another story, since Kaitlyn doesn’t exist.

I started reading this book with some reserves, since I knew it would be the kind of book in which you have to pay extra attention to the dates and so on. The book is a combination of police reports, interviews and journal entries, that would create a rich reading and a very creepy story.
I don’t want to give much about the book because this one is definitely a must read!

The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender
When I read the description on Goodreads once more I was kind of irritated I mean “Asylum meets Miss Peregrine’s Home” at the beginning of the description? Seriously? What’s wrong with mention the previous books of Katie Alender instead of someone else’s books?
Delia inherited an old house from her great aunt, a great aunt that she never met in person but who was her pen pal for a school project when she was a little girl. What Delia doesn’t know is the circunstances in which her aunt died or the fact that the house used to be an asylum for troubled young women, which spirits still live there.
Tragedy happens and now Delia is trapped in a haunted place that would do whatever it takes to keep trapping Delia’s family and every single defiant girl that set foot in the place.

I must confess  that I didn’t know what to expect with this one, since last year I read the Bad Girls Don’t Die trilogy, and when the first book was good, I was disappointed by the second one, and the third one was ok.
The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall was haunted, was spooky and was a perfect mix of human emotions. It freaked me out and at the same time it touched me in certain level. The story was great told and kept me at the edge of my seat, and definitely gave me some nightmares.

 Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics
Amanda is terrifying of the situation in which she is now, she got herself in problems, she went to the wood and fell in love with a boy, and that boy get her pregnant and then left her. Now she’s convinced that there’s something evil inside her, since she’s constantly praying for her unborn child to die, and the same with her poor baby sister who was born blind and deft.
When her father decided to move her family from the mountain to the prairie, Amanda would have a second chance, or at least that’s what she and her sister Emily think, but arriving to the new house, things would reveal a different story to the girls. Their new house is covered in blood, and Amanda would be haunted  by a baby’s cry at night. There’s something evil in the place, something that would make them lose their minds.

I was reading another book at the same time that I started this one, so I kept reading just a few pages, and for a moment I almost quit on this one, but I’m so glad I didn’t because the story was wicked, was creepy and was haunting.
It seriously gave me the chills! Imagine living first in an isolated cabin in the mountain, imagine got trapped during winter, and then move to the prairie, hoping for the best, wishing a new start, finding the perfect house, big enough for all the family and when you set food on it is covered in blood!, Imagine every night wake up with the sound of a baby crying in the prairie and then terrible things starting to happen.

This books was absolutely my favorite on this spook marathon, it was the one that caused me more nightmares and the one that freaked me out the most!

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