Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Dispossessed Trilogy / Review

Back in June –I think- I had the luck to watch a video from  Hot Key Books in which they were showing the new releases, and of course one of those was The Wondrous and the Wicked, the third installment in The Dispossessed Trilogy by Page Morgan. It’s beyond mention that I was excited, especially because I was curious about the books, but I didn’t want to start another trilogy and suffer the fiasco that I suffered with The Lovegrove Legacy, from which I’m still patiently waiting for the third and last part, but Bloomsbury apparently doesn’t care the suffering of the fans and there are not contract for the last book yet L, oh well, to pleasant things now.

The trilogy includes The Beautiful and The Cursed, The Lovely and The Lost and the final book is The Wondrous and The Wicked.
This is a YA, romantic and supernatural story, placed part in London and most of it in Paris at the end of 1899 and beginning of 1900.
It follows the life of the Waverly siblings, Ingrid and her twin Grayson and their younger sister Gabriella, and their adventures in Paris, after leaving behind their wealthy and boring life in London, under the rules of their father who lived for his position.
But moving to Paris wasn’t as great as Ingrid thought, especially after she saw their new place, an abandoned abbey that Grayson bought for their mother’s project, which is to open an art gallery.
When they arrive to Paris, the troubles would start with the disappearance of Grayson, but would escalate, changing completely the life of the siblings.
This is not only a love story, is a story about family, about their personal demons, about prove themselves –especially in Gabriella’s case-, it’s about to accept themselves, and the evil inside them, is about to be different.
The supernatural side includes demons, angels, hybrids and Gargoyles!
I’ve never read a story about gargoyles before, and the way Page Morgan tells their story, why they exist, how they were created, their mission, I think it was ingenious and I simply enjoyed it.
The punishment when they failed on their guards broke my heart, and the fact that a monster could love someone apart of himself was really touching.

The male characters were so great and the strong females blew me away!

The books caught my attention since the beginning and I found myself unable to put them down, and I have two words for you, Nolan Quinn, OMG!

Of course I gave each book five stars, I loved them, and I highly recommend them!

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