Monday, December 21, 2015

Health Talk

Officially this is the last post that I write on 2015, and is not a merry one. I love Christmas but I’m not feeling very festive this year, I don’t know, maybe it was the amount of work that mommy dearest and I had, maybe is the fact that she’s not going to have holiday break in her new job, but something came to put my mood even worse  than just not festive.
Last Monday I start feeling quite dizzy, I mean, the previous days I felt dizzy too but I thought it was for the fact that I had new prescription glasses, which on Monday I forgot to wear. One of my co-workers who is also a dearest friend told me to go with our work doctor to check my blood pressure.
Turns out it was really high. I don’t understand very well this blood pressure thing but I know this now, the normal is 120/80 and my numbers in that moment were 170/120 which was apparently pretty high. I went to class, came back for another check after taking a pill, and I got 140/100, still high, so the Doc recommended me to go to ER.
I’ve been in ER before for terrible pains, so of course I prepare myself to spend all the freaking afternoon waiting patiently to get my turn. I mean, the other times I had to wait between half an hour and an hour for get attention  and I was really in pain, I was wondering how long would it take this time. Besides in front of me was an old man and the receptionist told him that there was a lot of people waiting, if he wanted to return the next day or wait (apparently he was there for change of bandages or something like that). So imagine my surprise when I told the receptionist the reason why I was there, gave her the paper that the Doc gave me with the measurements of my blood pressure and she said “wait here” and after telling something to a doctor she said “come inside” For a moment I thought OMG  I’m dying! Because never, ever they gave me attention this quick.
I spend three hours there, constantly checking my blood pressure, put three pills in total under my tongue and recommended me go to my doctor for blood tests. Since it’s a long wait for that, I went the next day to get the blood tests on my own and boom! The numbers were really high.
The whole week the Doc at school has been checking my blood pressure but officially on Friday she said you are Diabetic and Hypertensive, your cholesterol is really high and you must change everything in your diet and life style.
I feel… I’m not sure how I feel to be honest, I was mad at first, I cried a lot on Saturday, I feel sad for ruin Christmas to my mom, and at the same time really angry with myself for let my body went for all this.

What I’m trying to say with all this ramble, don’t get thing for granted, check yourself, and don’t abuse of your body only because is Christmas, like the Doc said to me, do you one to celebrate one Christmas or many Christmas?

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