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Petals in the Wind / Book Review

Petals in the Wind (Dollanganger’s #2) by V. C. Andrews
They were such brave children to withstand such suffering. Such clever children to escape such terror…

After they escaped the attic, Cathy, Chris and Carrie must face a world that never stopped to go around. Carrie is still sick and she would get worst before to get better, fortunately they would meet Henny, an old lady who can’t talk but would communicate to them and help them.
It was thanks to Henny that they meet Paul, a doctor who lost her family and who would see in them a way to redeem himself of all his past mistakes. He not only would help Carrie to get better, he would also give them a home, a family, the security that they lost and an education.
But there are wounds that can ‘t heal, wound so deep that keep eating you from the inside, contaminating everything that is good in your life. Cathy must understand that every decision she makes, would have a consequence.

My Thoughts:

While the first book was absolutely heartbreaker, a whirlpool of emotions, I must said this one was quite disappointing, and if I kept reading it was more for curiosity since I only saw the ending of the second movie (before I read the book) and I really wanted to know what happened with Carrie, but it was so frustrating! Movie note –which I saw finally- they changed the story quite a lot still it was good.
The book follows the life of the Dollanganger kids after they escape the attic, and how they came to the house of a lonely doctor who would become their guardian, taking care of them, helping them and being the “father figure” the kids needed.
We can read about Christopher fulfilling his dream of become a doctor, Cathy being a ballerina, and Carrie…well, Carrie being an eternal child because she didn’t grow up, literally.
We can read part of their adult life. Cathy “falling in love”, getting marry. Their losses and fears, their new beginnings and ends in so many ways.
But the book was so tedious and redundant, such a cliché that it was terribly predictable. It went from bad to worse, so definitely not my cup of tea.


If you don’t want to get spoiled stop reading now because OMG I need to vent my frustration with this book and that includes lots of spoilers.
When in the first book Cathy was a really good narrator, in this one she became absolutely annoying!
·         During all the book, Cathy talked about their beauty, Christopher’s, Carrie’s but most of all hers, on and on, which of course we know they were beautiful, it was clear in book one, but the fact that she mentioned this during all the book and every time she got an opportunity was seriously unnecessary.
·         The guardian, I mean, honestly, conveniently they arrived to the house of a widow in his 40’s and she is 15yo, couldn’t that be more a cliché? And even more, the moment he set eyes on her, he felt instant love, he couldn’t take his eyes of her, Lolita too much?
·         Then we have the fact that she has all men falling in love with her, we have Chris of course, because he swears that she would be the only woman he would love. We have Paul, the guardian and father figure, pervert, and then we have Julian, the obsessed dancer, and then Bart and their tragic love.
·         The fact that every single thing that went wrong on their life, Cathy instantly blamed their mother, I mean yes, the woman was a monster, she was awful and terrible, but they made their own decisions, they should take control of their life, responsibility of their acts, specially Cathy.
·         Cathy’s marriage and her acceptance of an abusive relationship, and then she admitted that she actually loved him, OMG seriously? Hit me but don’t leave me?
·         Carrie’s death, that was absolutely disturbing, I mean, why didn’t help her? Why the doctor didn’t take her to a psychologist or therapy or something? It was pretty obvious that the girl needed help, like a lot!
·         Cathy’s revenge, I mean what on earth? She goes and abuse an old, paralyzed women, and the way she seduced Bart, who actually rape her, and then they fell in love? Cathy needed help, just as her mother.
Like I said, there were lots of elements that didn’t work for me, that frustrated me, specially the fact that nobody took a better care of Carrie, that they tried to give her a normal childhood when the girl wasn’t normal, she needed help which she never get.

The book went from a heart breaking story to frivolity.

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