Monday, December 7, 2015

Victor Frankenstein / Movie review

Hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend, mine was a mix of work and fun!
On Friday we had a lunch with our co-workers, unfortunately I felt sick before lunch was served so I went home with an empty tummy, oh well, not fun to spend my afternoon with cramps when I could be perfectly comfy on my bed.

Saturday was so much better, especially since I went with mommy dearest and bestie James to see Victor Frankenstein, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today (Sunday was just working on the Christmas elves)

So to Victor, OMG, Victor! Handsome James McAvoy!

The story wasn’t very much a surprise, we heard the story, most read the story (still need to get my hands on that one); We see other versions of the story, BUT this one, I absolutely loved it!, and believe me, it seriously took the place the one from 1994 had in my heart . Kenneth Branagh as Victor was perfect, Robert De Niro as the creature and perfect Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth was simply beautiful.

But 2015 Frankenstein was a mix of elements that caught me since the beginning. I’m not going to lie, there were some gross parts, but apart from that every single detail, every single moment were a delight.

Daniel Radclieff as Igor was absolutely fantastic, there were moments in which I almost cried for him because his story was so sad.

And James McAvoy I must say he seriously went on a perfect change from all the characters I see before. He looks handsome and more mature, and the mix of madness and a little bit of sadness was amazing. Even my mom said that his performance was great.

So if you have the chance to watch this movie, go and see it!

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