Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Resolutions

The time has come to share my resolutions for the year, and let me tell you this, which I think is important, if for whatever reason I'm not able to accomplish a few of them or most of them I'm not going to call it failure, I'm going to accept the things as they come, this year I'm going to be more open to new oportunities and adventures.

Bookish ones:
1. Goodreads challente 37 books
2. Read at least 10 books on physical form
3. Review all the books I read on Goodreads
4. Quote / highlights of the year jar
5. Keep a book travel journal
6. Keep a What I read notebook
7. TBR jar challenge (which I'm going to talk about on the next post)

Personal ones:
8. Back to health journey (eating habits, exercise, meditate)
9. Document your life for 12 months
10. 365 challenges (self portraits / simple moments / video)
11. 52 pictures of my mom
12. Take at least 3 rolls of film
13. Keep a gratitude journal
14. Do a day in my life monthly
15. Pay as many debs as I can and don't get more
16. Learn to ride my bike and play the guitar
17. Learn sighn language and morse code
18. Study the french course that I bought years ago
19. An act of kindness monthly (which I'm going to talk about on my next post)

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