Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Diversity in Working Women

This morning while I was checking blogloving (as I do every morning before my working time starts) I found an article that seriously pisses me off. Why I felt so angry for it you may ask, what was so wrong about the article that kind of offended me? 
Well, let me start with this, a few years ago I stopped reading "fashion" magazines, they were the same over and over, same tips, more sex tips that were the same, how to find the perfect man, how to please your man, man man man, in which everything a woman should do was to make happy a man, they actually wrote about feminism, but the main theme is that, make your man happy.
But what if I want to be single? What if I don’t want to please a man to feel happy or complete?
So I quit to those magazines (and saved a lot of cents thanks to that).
Blogs became my thing, I love blogs, especially lifestyle blogs because you learn new things daily, there’s always something new, good tips (at least better than just sex and please your man), travel tips, diys, you name it!
Then, a few weeks ago, I started to notice a pattern, and here I’m talking about the bloglovin blog in particular, it was like they were only talking to a very specific kind of woman, not the general woman, but those who like the person who probably wrote the article work exclusively as blogger, and full time blogger, or in magazines, or in publishing. The kind of woman who can dress as she wanted on daily basis, the kind of woman who doesn’t have to wake up early to start her day because she must be at work before 8am or 9am or –like in my case- 7am.
The kind of woman who works jobs like from 9-5, the kind of woman who must wear an uniform, the kind of woman who like me, is the regular woman, the general woman, because if the 90% of the female population could work as full time bloggers or on fashion magazines or the like, there would be no doctors or nurses or teachers or librarians (like me), or cashiers or baristas, you name it!
I think is completely unfair that articles like this makes you feel like probably you don’t fit in there demography, but why? Why they don’t take the time to at least think a little bit more about the people who read their articles.

We have different interests, different routines, and I get it, you can reach everyone, but if you’re going to write an article in which the title said “Every Woman” darling you are completely wrong!, not every woman fit in your terrible tips, because unlike you, we have routines, we have what others call, regular life, not fantastic jobs in which we could stay at home till very late, or do or work in a laptop, siting in our favorite coffee shop, while enjoying a latte. 

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