Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lavondyss / Book Review

Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock

I want to start with the rating of this book, just to clarify that I really liked the book, even when it's not one of my favorites, so I gave Lavondyss 4 stars, and now to the review.
Lavondyss is the second book on the Mythago Cycle, and follows the story of Tallis Keaton, the younger half sister of Harry Keaton, who was the pilot who accompanied Steven into Ryhope Wood on the previous book (Mythago Wood).
Tallis had a special way to see things, since child, she was different, she heard stories that the Mythagos told her, she made masks and dolls, and practiced her own rituals, or rituals long time forgotten.
Tallis knew that most things had a secret name, and when the right time comes, she would learn the name of the wood, and enter it to find her brother.
She would find her own path, her own adventures and create her own myth, with the help of Scatach, a half mythago, half human been who would change Tallis world.

Ok, now let me talk more openly about this book. While the story, and specially Tallis childhood was pretty interesting -my favorite part was Tallis childhood and all her weird rituals and believes- I must say that the story on some parts lose its magic. It became slow and for moments a little bit boring. I know this can be a contradiction, I mean was the story good or not?, well the story was, but the descriptions took so long that make it a tiny little bit boring, specially in part where Tallis didn't appear.
The characters were ok, but for some reason, apart from Tallis, I didn't get attached to no one.
The twist of the story after the first part was predictable in some parts, obviously there were some surprises and some interesting twists, but nothing shocking at all.
Would I recommend this book? yes, I will, but keeping in mind that if you loved Mythago Wood as much as I do, this one could be a little disappointing. The magic is still there, specially with Tallis as a child. Is sad that we can't follow Tallis through her journey in the wood, and we learn from her little bits that came in a rushing way.

I'm till going to continue with the reading of the rest of the saga, but I'm going to do it through the year and not one after another because I want to keep the image of Mythago Wood in my mind a little longer.

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