Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mythago Wood / Book Review

The first review of 2016, and I have to say that my reading has been a slow one compared with 2015, I only read two books in January, and one of them was a re-read, and one of my favorites not the least. So that's ok right? I decided that 2016 is for enjoyment, and not feeling that hunger need to devour every single book that I can, but now to business.

Mythago Wood is a fantasy book, and one of the best that I've ever read, but more of that later. The story follows two brothers, Steven and Christian Huxley, and takes place after World War II.
When Steven is shot during the world, he's taken to Marseille, where he's going to be divided between return to a cold home in which the only happy memories he had were thanks to his brother or start a new life. 
The letters from his brother Christian wouldn't help the situation. When the father dies, Steven receive the last letter from his brother in which he talks about a woman, and their "weird" marriage.
Worry, Steven decides to return to Oak Lodge, his childhood house just to find it empty and deteriorated. 
A few weeks pass and Steven starts to see things, feel things, recieve unexpected visits, and finally Chirstian returns, but he's changed, he's thin and smelly, and he looks older than he really is. But what disconcerted Steven more is the fact that Christian is talking about their father and how right he was about the wood, and asks Steven to read their father journal.
George Huxley was an absent father, obsessed with Ryhope Wood, always making little explorations to the wood, or spending his time writing in his study on that particular journal.
Christian returns to the wood in an attempt to find the woman he lost and Steven would recieve the visit of a woman who would change his life, summerging Steven in his biggest quest. He would recive the help of a tormented pilot named Harry Keaton, who has his own reasons to help Steven to go inside the almost impenetrable wood, a wood that work in a different time and with forces that help the creation of mythagos.

Mythago Wood was the first book that I read that wasn't a children's book with pretty illustrations, and while probably it wasn't appropriate for my age, the beauty and magic of this book nurtured my imagination and proved me that our mind has no limits.
This book is more than a love story, is about family, about the magic, about imagination, about long forgotten myths, and create your own story. 
I would recommend this book to everybody who loves fantasy and enjoy of a well written story, with the perfect descriptions and characters that would stay with you for times come by.

My rating for this book of course was 5 stars and even after this is my third reading of this magical book, I found myself as surprised and in love as the first time that I read it.

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