Monday, February 22, 2016

The Weekend

Hello there! 
Hope you had an amazing weekend, mine was chaotic, just as the last couple of months had been, and with chaotic I mean nothing bad, but a lot of things going on, I'm more the kind of girl who prefers to stay at home and enjoy a good movie or a good book. 
On Friday mommy dearest left to Villa, she went to the baby shower of her friend's daughter, and the report is that she had a great time.
So of course I was home alone. On Saturday my little sis came and we went to have lunch to a new place that little sis No. 2 recommended us and it was just perfect. We ordered a four cheese pizza and the other half was the same but with pistachio on the top, delicios!!!!

Then we went to the mall, I had the idea of buying a handbag, I didn't know what type or color, but it had to be big, so we went to one of the pretty malls in the city, the view of course is breath taking!

And since we are a couple of fatty girls, we went to have an early dinner to an italian restaurant which is in the mall. Fetuccini with shrimps for me, meat for James (and I ate the green things from her plate, as she called them )

As usual I had a great time, and found the perfect bag. Yesterday I went to another mall and found the perfect ancle boots but I'm going to show you my purchases on another time.
Have a nice week!!!!

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