Friday, March 18, 2016

Authors compromising their work

This week the trailer of Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children was released, while the pictures kind of upset me a little bit, the tweet that Ramson Riggs posted telling that he trusted the vision of Tim Burton and was happy with the result relaxed me, but not enough.
So I saw the trailer, and yes, it’s definitely a Tim Burton movie, in all its words, but where is Ramson Riggs’ story? What about the characters that you get to love through three books?
I understand perfectly well that more often than not, the movie can’t be as faithful to the book as the readers would love, but when major changes happen is kind of upsetting.
One clear example is Beautiful Creatures, which was a complete disaster. 

The cast selection wasn’t the best, or at least a lot of characters were completely different from what the readers imagined, and then we have the weirdest fusion of characters, even bigger than Vegeta and Goku! The old woman who raised Ethan, Amma, and the librarian who was his mother’s best friend, a tall woman, stunning like a model, and the result, was the talented Viola Davis

I wouldn’t mind at all since she’s an excellent artist, but you get used to a warm old lady as Amma, and then boom! She’s not there, or is there but transformed in something else
Another example is The Seventh Son movie, I’ve became a fan of the saga through the movie, but when I first tried to read book one, I suffered the biggest shock! In my mind was the image of Tom Ward, a young man, and I’m talking man since Ben Barnes was the actor who played the role, and you know how much I love Ben Barnes, big surprise, Tomas Ward was just a kid! 13yo boy!

The story was completely changed, from mother Malkin who was an old and short woman, and we were presented with the gorgeous Julianne Moore, to Alice who was also a girl, just like Tomas and here we have the lovely Alicia Vikander.

Not to mention the loss of innocence in the relationship between Alice and Tom.
So I get it, authors got excited because they close the deal, their books are going to be on the big screen, but to what point they should compromise their art? Their creation?

Beautiful Creatures was a complete mess, the same with The Seventh Son,  a children’s story which is divided in 13 books! Which could produce more and more maybe not as big as Harry Potter but maybe like the Chronicles of Narnia kind of story,and the fact that was reduced to a sad movie that wasn’t even children’s, that even had a sex scene when the story was completely different, when there was the innocence of child friendship.

I know I'm no one to judge, and if the author is ok with the changes, well, good for him, but is really the case? is it really good just because is Tim Burton we're talking about? the name's director has more importance than the story itself?

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