Friday, March 4, 2016

Big Magic / Book Review

Not very often I feel so disappointed about something like it happened with Big Magic. In fact you may notice but during February I've been in the biggest reading slump since college I think, so frustrating.
When I read the description on Goodreads I must confess that I wasn't that interested at all, I mean "Now this beloved author digs deep into her own generative process to share her wisdom and unique perspective about creativity" was a little bit petulant for my taste.
Still the reviews and book talks on youtube kept coming, specially from those which opinion I trust. At the same time I was starting a creative project, I was in the need to do something to liberate the stress that the last few weeks were carrying on my shoulders and Big Magic was like a great sign from the goddessess and inspiration spirits.
BIG MISTAKE!, While the book share a few quotes that are really inspirational, the rest is so boring, seriously boring that took me a whole month to finish. I stopped my creative project and I've been so distress that I didn't finish a single book in February that almost dropped my Goodreads challenge of the year.
At moments I thought it was my fault, I wanted to love so much the book, I mean it was Elizabeth Gilbert after all, the author of one of my favorite books. I love that books so much that even see the movie everytime is on tv.
The book didn't work its magic to me, I felt it's been overhype on the booktube community, and all the prey about how great it is, turn so misleading to me.
It doesn't present anything new or special, just more rambling about the same subject over and over, and about the inspirational quotes, most of them are from friends of the author or other authors.
I rated the book:

In conclusion I wouldn't recommend Big Magic to anyone who already read inspirational books of who doesn't like that kind of reading, and especially to those who like me, thought that you can get some kind of wisdom from it to continue with your creative work.

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