Monday, March 7, 2016

February Haul

Hi Everyone!

I had a very productive and fun weekend, hope yours went well too.
Remember the post from a few weeks ago in which I shared my weekend and mentiones a few purchases? (this one), well don't think I forgot to share what I got, it was that since I was going to show you what I bought on Maroon 5 concert, I decided to do it in one post that way you're not going to think that I'm a shopaholic or something (of course I'm not since I bought just a couple of things, and usually my purchases are book related). Also I bought some makeup in the last three weeks, so let me show you:

My handbad and sunglasses are from H&M, I must say that it's becoming my favorite in the city, I mean, we have Zara and Forever 21 and others that could be nice and someone elses favorites but, for me H&M has great products and to very affordable prices, and the quality is pretty great.

Can't recall the name of the store but I saw this one and loved it, I'm not the kind of girl who likes big purses, so this kind of wallet was perfect for me, and the combination is very elegant,oh I'm going to feel so fancy with it!

Like I mentioned in my weekend post, the perfect ancle boots, I found them on Shasa and they were in a very reasonable price. What I loved the most is that they don't have hight heels, so they are pretty comfortable!

I'm not a makeup fan, I mean I wear makeup only in parties or events, my daily routine include only mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, and my favorite brand is NYX since they are really great products and cruelty free.
Now to the concert purchases:

 One for sleep, one for go out and one for Kenji!

 I'm not sure for what I'm going to use the notebook, but I'm a notebook lover and it was a present from the little sitster, she bought me the black tee, and the tote, the mug, that whas my purchase too.

Well, hope you enjoy this haul, like I said not a lot of things, but still pretty enough to share, probably I'm going to review the makeup products that I got pretty soon.
Have a nice week lovelies!

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