Monday, March 28, 2016

Flesh and Bone / Series Review

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I'm still on Spring Break, so my days basically are full of laziness, reading and of course watching tv or series on the pc. Today I'm going to share with you the last that I saw and the one that shocked me the most!

Flesh and Bones follows the struggles of the ballet dancers from the American Ballet Company, founded by the acclaimed dancer Paul Grayson (Ben Daniels). He's looking for a trascendent ballerina, one that is going to be capable to reach the sublime and bring the ballet once more to its glory.

When Claire Robbins (Sarah Hay) appears on the try outs, Paul saw something in her that he didn't see in a very long time. Claire is accepted in the Company but soon she would discover that she must be stronger, and put on herself a stronger skin, since the envy of the other ballerinas and the hunger for be a prima would affect her even more than she already is, since Claire is hiding something dark from her past.

The series present the complexity of the ballet world, the not so glamourous part, and specially the unhealthy situation that day after day the dancers have to live, not only food related, but the demands of their instructor, Paul.
Claire at the beginning can look fragil, but there`s a strengh inside her, and there's specially darkness, and she's going to use this energy to reach her goals, experimenting with the forbidden, and reaching to a point in which she has to let go of the chains that she's been carrying, with the help of the new choreographer Toni Cannava (Marina Benedict) , who not only is going to affect Claire, but the whole company, Paul included.
The show is rich with characters, one of them, my favorite is Romeo (Damon Herriman), a homeless man who would help Claire in the weirdest ways.
The older prima (Irina Dvorovenko)  who is struggling with a long time problem, the rich girl (Raychel Diane Weiner) who does whatever she wants, not caring for others, and the envious girl (Emily Tyra)  who knows she's not good enough thanks to her relationship with her mother.

The series not only portraits the darker world of the ballet, but also touches themes involving family, twisted relationships and even slavery.

In some way, I was expecting something like Center Stage movie, especially since Sasha Radetsky was on the cast, but this one goes much deeper and darker than the movie.
I highly recommend this series,  it was disturbing and really really good, there are only 8 episodes and since the last epidose is kind of determinate, there is no confirmation for a second season.

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