Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday (March 22nd) was my birthday! I'm the kind of person who loves to spend the day at home, I love quiet birthdays, love the solitude most of the time. This year wasn't the exception, still I feel quite weird, maybe I'm changing, maybe is the fact that i spend more time surrounded by other people that I've been thinking that maybe next year maybe I could have a party, but knowing me as I do, that's probably not a good idea.
Anyway, my day started pretty early because my mom is not on vacation time (like me) and she had to go to work and weird as it sound, she's lazy, I'm the one who wakes her up every morning. So I woke up at 6am. The rest of my morning was chatting with the besties and reading, I was on a re-read of The Thirteenth Tale,which is one of my favorite books.
I had plans to had lunch with mom and my little sister, so I got ready and since I still had time to kill, I decided to do the best thing I could do, take some silly pictures, so here's my silly face, one year older.

After lunch (which mom didn't enjoy very much because she ordered something that little sister and I knew she wouldn't enjoy) little sister went back to work, and we went home, I put my pjs and read the rest of the evening until I finished my book, wonderful book, I couldn't think possible to love it more that I did, but indeed my love for it grew, just like Harry Potter, just like Mythago Wood.
And since probably you are like me, here are the goodies, the pretty presents that my loved ones gave me, because they know me so well.

From Blanquis, my lovely co-worker who also gave me chocolates which are not in the picture because I ate them all!

From my little sister who like I mentioned before took me to see Maroon 5 (as part of my present) and she bought me goodies there too!

Mommy dearest gave me part of the payment for my new camera (which I'm going to pay the rest) and algo bought me these beautiful carnations, my favorites!

And as I mentione, I got a new camera, my pretty fujifilm x1 stopped working the weekend my best friend came to visit, insane! it took only light instead of pictures, just white light! so I got the Samsung N3000 in black, it was in offer so I had to have it!
Also the February haul were part of my presents :)
Probably I'm going to make a full review on the camera soon, but for now, thanks for reading this, like I said I had a great day!

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