Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Woman's Day

Happy International Woman’s Day.

For some this celebration may sound silly, especially because we are far to end with all the injustices women are still victims of. But today I’m not going to talk in a bitter way pointing only the bad, today I want to celebrate the women who thought me something important. I’m not going to mention my mom because she’s my everything and every mother’s day I talk or try to talk about how special she is, not going to mention my little sisters either because they are beyond awesomeness. These three women thought me endless things with their love and support.
Today I’m going to talk about real life people and also fictional characters because they are my heroines.
I’m going to start with two women, two mothers who I think their value sometimes we take for granted:

Molly Weasley, we thought about her as the typical mom until she showed how kickass was killing Bellatrix, but if we think about it, she not only took care of her family, she always welcomed Hermione and Harry to her house, treated them as their own child, loved them, and not only the kids, every single person who visited the Weasley house was welcome and she personally attended them.

Rosa Hubermann, who at first could appear as a terrible woman, but her heart was bigger than her body not only accepting a girl in her home but taking care of Max too, even when their life were in danger. She was brave, she was kind, she was a loving woman.

Liesel Meminger, for her curiosity, her love for books, and understand that there are other worlds between words.

J. K. Rowling, for creating a world that brought to the world the magic that was lost.

Vivian Maier, who people took as a simple nanny but proved that we should never judge people for their appearance, or for their job, she saw the world in a very interesting way, and she would be a complete mystery to me all my life. I admire and envy her spirit, she traveled alone, she proved that you don’t need a man to be happy or enjoy life.

Lotje Sodderland, who at 34 suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, and found herself in a situation in which she had to start her life again, from learning to talk, to read, to recognize her own family, she see the world in a different way and shared it through her videos which became a great documentary. 

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