Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Poverty is Sexist

It's weird when I share something about politics or social movements, but today, after celebrating the International Woman's Day, I think is pretty important to share this message, poverty is a terrible problem, and affect more by gender, women and girls are the major victims, if is in your heart, please sing the lettler, please read more about the situation here, and spread the word.
Also you can share an email with the next text:

I just joined thousands of people around the world to tell leaders that poverty is sexist and that we need to make a change. 

Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand. In too many countries, being born poor and female means a life sentence of oppression and poverty – and in many cases it’s also a death sentence. 

Add your name to the global letter calling on world leaders to recognize that gender inequality is a global issue. Those hit hardest by it - women and girls in developing countries - must be heard

Thank you!

You can sign the letter here
And if you need more to convince you, please watch this amazing video!

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