Friday, March 11, 2016

Signos / TV Series Recommendation

Signos (signs) is an Argentinian tv series, I had the oportunity to watch it thanks to TNT series, and OMG it caught me since the first chapter.
Usually I don’t watch latin series, specially Mexican ones because they are all the same, the drug dealers, drug cartels and so on.
But there are something about Argentina, presenting creative and interesting shows. I discovered  Epitafios thanks to A&E, and it seriously freaked me out.
Julio Chavez, the main actor in both series (Epitafios and Signos), was amazing. In Epitafios he was a detective, and you honestly want to help him, now as Dr. Antonio Cruz, a doctor in a small town,  think about him as a very nice person at first, and then he changed completely showing you his colorful personality, and that he’s a serial killer. What's more, even when you know he's the bad guy, you are on his side!
The way the murders are presented not only are creative, they are disturbing, and let me add that the show has been compared  with Dexter, in a good way.

In each chapter you discover more and more about the past and motives of the main characters, and what is more interesting is that you can see how the killer start deteriorating, he goes from normal, to be in a situation more stressful.
And if you're wondering why is called Signos (signs), well, Antonio used the zodiac to choose his victims, each of them has something to do with his pass. Each month he writes the horoscope according to the next victim and the murder is kind of described on it. 

If you have the opportunity to watch this series, I highly recommend it, there are only 16 episodes and the performance of all the cast is great.

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