Monday, March 14, 2016

The Weekend No. 2

Hi Everyone! Am I going to talk about my weekend every week? Probably no, not all the weekends are interesting or eventful enough, some of them are lazy (as I love them), or tiresome (like when I'm rearranging the bedroom), but this one was special. And if you've been here around, you already know that special weekends mean Best Friends!
Let's just mention one tiny little thing that happened on Saturday, I drove a long distant and through a very noisy and traffic heavy routes, proud of myself!
And now to Sunday, which was special for the fact that my best friend came to visit! I'm not going to mention the not so very happy situation during morning, and let us focus on the moment of his arrival.

We met at the mall, which he've never been before, until yesterday, and was very happy with the experience because the view is breath taker!

We spend there a few hours, saw the four floors and then went to my house to pick something and then straight to downtown, in which we had the oportunity to see typical dancers, and had a great conversation during our long walk, not mention passing an old memory street, it was a laugh and we had the best time ever.

The last two pics have lot of meaning to us, the one of my friend is little mermaid related, and the second one, I just had to have a picture with the tree before they cut it away.
Note: only ipod pictures because my camera decided to fail during the day!
Well, I hope you have a great week my dears!

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