Monday, April 4, 2016

El Tiempo Entre Costuras / Book and Series Review

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Starting the week with one more free day! Tomorrow back to work, which is good, so many days without doing much than watch tv is not good for the soul, seen the kids is going to be fun!
But first things first, Today I'm going to talk about the most recent book that I read, a book that since December I've been wanting to read, "El tiempo entre costuras" or The Time in Between by Maria Dueñas.

Like usually happen, back on December, while I was helping my mom doing the Christmas elves that she sold (which I think I never mentioned before but I will show in a tiny video at the end)  I discovered the tv series, and it made me laugh the fact that she was a seamstress and that her mother taught her the business, because I was doing in a simple and very different scale the same thing, and I was taught by my mom too.

The story follows Sira Quiroga, a poor seamstress who lived in Madrid before the civil war exploted, who was going to marry a very good man and fault in love with a terrible one and left everything for him, to be betrayed and abandoned to her luck in another country, a place where she didn't know a single soul, Morocco, or to be more precise, Tangier

Alone, without money, and with a lot of problems on her shoulders, Sira would had to recover and start from zero in a new city called Tetouan. There she would recieve the help of Candelaria, even from captain Claudio, and she would make new friends, and become the best seamstress of the place.

But life would open other doors for her, and Sira once more would let herself be taken to wherever the current lead her. She went back to Madrid in which she not only would work as a seamstress again but as a secret agent on the british side to prevent that Spain enters to the Second World War.

Intrigues, disappointment, heartbreak, hard work, glamour, pretending, lies, will, are some of the words that could describe this book.

The story caught me since the first line, the way Maria Dueñas described the places, the moments, it was like her voice or in this case Sira's voice surrounded me, and for moments it was like I was having a long chat with a very old friend who was telling me the story of her life and all those events that marked her forever and made her the woman she is now. 

This book was a delight to read, and an inspiration

About the series, there are only 17 episodes and you can find it on Netflix!!! I must say that while they changed a few details of the story, probably to make it more exciting, which to be honest it wasn't necessary since it is really good, I found myself loving everything about it, since the cast, the places, the costumes, every single detail was so well done that it's a delight to the eye.
I'm currently rewatching the series and it's so great to see that even some phrases are just faithful to the book!

If you have the oportunity to see or read The Time in Between do it because it's worth it!
My rating for both:

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