Monday, April 18, 2016

Favorite Characters of Game of Thrones

A week, I can't believe that in a week the new season of Game of Thrones starts, and Oh My Heart!, the trailers have me on edge! If you are not a fan of GOT, well probably this week is going to be annoying for you since around the world, people is counting days, and talking and doing marathones of the previous seasons, catching up with the books, and so on.

The excitment is bigger since it's the first time that readers and watchers are in the same situation, nobody knows what on earth is going to happen with our favorite characters. A lot of things went different in season 5 from the books, but still, we love the show. So in honor of it, this week I'm going to share some of my favorites of GOT, starting today with my favorite characters and why I love them so much!

There are lots of characters that have a special place in my heart but they are no longer on the show or on the books, but the ones I'm going to talk about today are my favorites of all times, starting with number five to the top of the top, the favorite of the favorites.

5. Jaime Lannister: probably not the favorite of lots, but I have a soft spot for him, and not only for the fact that is Nikolaj who plays the role but the characters has a change of heart during the seasons and it's really a placer to see it. He went from the pervert, cinical, child killer (or at leart tried), kindslayer, to a more concern person, to a good brother in Tyrion's case, to a loving father as we can see at the end of season 5 in his talk with Mircella, or when he saved Brienne.

4. Cersei Lannister: this one is probably a controversial characters since she's one of the most hated characters and at the same time one of the most admired from book and show. But there's no doubt, she's a badass characters, she's resoursful, and merciless.

3. Daenerys Targaryen: I know, I know, this one is probably the favorites of all, but she's not my top, I like her, I think she's really awesome, but the problem that I have with her is that she's not very emotive, I think the only time I cried for her was in season one when she had to kill Khal Drogo, and since then, we don't have other oportunity to see more emotions from her except moments in which she is absolutely badass of really silly, still she's one of my favs.

2. Here we have a two charactters since I couldn't choose between them, Jon Snow and his favorite sibling Arya Stark. So lets begin with Jon who is the older one.

 I think my love for this character started since day one, when he discovers the direwolfs, and then find Ghost. Jon has proved to be season after season a heartful, interesting character, and you feel his sadness, and still he seize happiness when he can.

Arya as her brother was taking apart from the family, she saw horrible things, and proved to be a resourceful little one. She's the badass from the Starks, the one who walked the biggest distance, and she's been for forgin her own path.

1. Tyrion Lannister: and finally my favorite of all times, Tyrion, yes, Tyrion Lannister is my favorite, he's a drunker, he's a liar, still it's one of the most colorful characters of the show and books. He suffered since a kid, still he keeps going, keeps fighting, he's brave and he's very clever. do you need more? he's funny, and still he can't kick some arses.

So here you go, my favorite characters of Game of Thrones, which are yours?
Hope you have a great week, and prepare for more GOT talk during the week.

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