Friday, April 15, 2016

In Which I Made Another Bookshelf

In 2014 I made a bookshelf from scratch, yes, just like you read it, I went to home depot, bought the wood and the rest of the material, took the measurments, and made a bookshelf. You can read more about it here!
I started "My Bookshelf Project" at the same time, a project in which I intended to fill the "new bookshelf" with all the books that I was planning to buy. I didn't set a time of a number of books, I just wanted a bookshelf filled with books.
My goal was complete and I found myself in the most terrible situation, I overacomplished my goal, my sweet little bookshelf wasn't enough for my new pretty books, so I decided to donate the older one to the kitchen (my mom wanted it), and build another one from the scratch.

Obviously the first step was to paint the wall in a gray shade, and see how the shelves were going to look.

This was the result once I put everything together and gave it a coat of varnish

Still I need to wrok in some details, but I'm very pleased with the result, but I must confess that I put some of the smaller bookshelfs in use :)
Hope you have a great weekend, I'm working in a new series that I want to share with you and a few more reviews!

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