Saturday, April 30, 2016

Little Collections - Teapots

Hi Everyone!
Finally I took the camera and started to shoot the project that I've been talking without saying much during the last few days, "Little Collections".
To be honest I never thought about myself as a collector, probably the book that I recently read affected me a little bit, but I've been thinking could I collect something? 
In the book, Frederick collected butterflies, and later he would collect Miranda of course, but that's on the review, so that left me thinking in not a twisted way that a collection must be cool, but butterflies is definitely not my thing since he killed them just to keep them.
I kept thinking about the subject and realized that maybe in not a big scale, but I have little collections here and there, the more I keep looking through my bedroom, the more I discovered that at least I have 5 different collections, so I decided to start this new series, hope you like them!

My Teapots collection started with this tiny little thing that was a present from my best friend, I remember that the moment I set eyes on it I felt in love, it was so tiny and it was the most delicate porcelain thing I ever had in my hands!
This one was just stole my heart, there was another similar that said tea, but I'm not a tea person, I'm a coffee person, so of course, I had to have this one!
The desing of this one just took my beath away, it was so delicate and pretty!
Being a Christmas lover, of course I had to have one to celebrate my favorite time of the year!
This one is pretty similar to my third one with tiny blue flowers which i think are so so pretty
And my last but not least, was a present from my mom, I love the design and of course the fact that also came with a mug or teacup? whatever, I just love that is golden and shinny :)

Also I made this silly video!

well I hope you enjoy this post, happy weekend and I will see you on Monday! Game of Thrones day!!!!!! (well that's tomorrow but on monday I'll post my recap review video and post)

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