Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sister / Book Review

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Still trying to catch up with my reading challenge and reviews, on the first one I think I'm doing a better job than on the second one, anyway, a new review for today!

Sister by Rosamund Lupton 
Beatrice was the kind of person who has her life in a comfortable rutine, she had the perfect job, the perfect -kind of boring- fiance, the perfect apartment in New York City non the less, but then her mother called her, telling that her younger sister is missing, her perfect world would be shattered. Beatrice would fly immediantly to London, to find out what's going on. Her sister, the hippy one, the art student, the free soul, the irresponsable, probably this would be something typical of her, but Beatrice knows better, her sister wouldn't leave like that, she knows her so well, they are best friends no matter the distance, they talk on daily basis, or at least that's what Beatrice thinks. 
When the body of her sister is found in a delerict bathroom, everything point that she commited suicide, that's what the police would declare, but not Beatrice, she's not willing to accept that her sweet sister would do something so selfish, not after all they lived.

The first thing that I have to point that seriously caught my attention of the book is the way that was wrote, as a letter that Beatrice is writing to her sister, a personal talk to her, so for moments you feel like you are part of a conversation that probably you shouldn't be hearing, which make you more curious about it. Also it goes from the letter to her statement for the next trial that is goint to take place in a few weeks.
The story is tell with a beginning, a middle and an ending, which doesn't let you sneak peak to the end, you have to wait and follow Beatrice as she tells little by little what happened, all the details that she noticed, and the trues she discovers.
I must admit that some parts were kind of predictable, still the twist that the story does was great, and the ending couldn't be more perfect!
My rating for this book is:

So I highly recommend it!
Hope you have a great weekend, since I'm not posting during the weekend, but I will see you on Monday with a new post and probably video review of Game of Thrones episode two, also part one of my new little series.

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